Customer Stories

Pogotla di Kapa Sawmill - It starts and ends with numbers

The growth of a sawmill from start-up status in 2009 to now supplying major hardware's across SA's Limpopo Province shows the potential that sawmilling holds and how emerging sawmillers are positively impacting SA's economy

Scierie Glory – Begin the journey

An inspiring story is emerging of an enterprising sawmiller from the DRC that encouraged her husband, family and Africa to rise above tradition and poverty and embrace opportunity for a better life.

Three Brothers, Three Fortresses

The title, a Portuguese proverb, tells of three brothers uniting against the world. The Three Brothers Business Group is an equally inspiring story of three Mozambican immigrant brothers seeking a better life in SA and uniting to build an amazing timber business success story.

JRM's Passage To Success

Hectorspruit-based JRM Pallets is investing in continued growth to unlock timber opportunities in South Africa and the region.

Sawmill’s output leaps forward with Wood-Mizer Industrial

A recently commissioned Wood-Mizer Industrial sawmill line at Panbult Denne Saagmeule in Mpumalanga flexes its muscles.

Wood-Mizer Industrial breakthrough for La Provance Sawmill

A newly commissioned Wood-Mizer Industrial sawmill line at La Provance Sawmill sends the mill’s output, recovery stats and cut quality through the roof.

Twigg Furniture grows from farm start-up to busy workshop

An entrepreneurial farmer and son build a flourishing artisanal furniture and timberware company with a Wood-Mizer LT40, ingenuity and artistic flair.

Duva Timbers: Study money builds a successful sawmill

A young sawmiller in South Africa uses study money to start a sawmilling business instead – and it is a booming success!

Wood-Mizer MP360 Planer/Moulder drives bigger profits at Highlands Sawmill

A Wood-Mizer MP360 Planer/Moulder has joined two Wood-Mizer sawmilling lines at Highlands Sawmill in South Africa, allowing the business to create greater profitability. Highlands Sawmill is located in one of the many fertile valleys outside Harding – a place that is also home to the vast timber-producing forests of Weza and Singisi, in South Africa.

One LT15 Produces Timber for 50,000 Beehives in Zambia

Developed by missionary philanthropist John Enright, a co-op style honey initiative, is taking off in Zambia, and improving lives for the 10,000 individuals already involved.

German Logger Expands into Sawmilling With LT15

Ever since his childhood, Maik Retz always felt at home in the forest. Growing up two hours west of Berlin in a rural farming and forestry area, he knew he wanted to make forestry his career. His father started a business producing firewood and fencing material more than 40 years ago, and Maik started working in the business in 1994. Maik now operates the business with his brother and one other employee.

LT40 Sawmill Enables Pallet Production for Italian Fertilizer Company

An Italian fertilizer company incorporated a Wood-Mizer LT40 sawmill to produce pallets to suit their specific requirements, not realizing at first the various ways the sawmill would provide opportunities for further growing their profits.

Italian Family Firewood Business Boosts Profits With LT70 Sawmill

Stefano Chini has expanded the firewood business his grandfather started by adding an LT70 sawmill in order to create a better business for the future.

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