Correct Blade Guide Roller Alignment

By Etienne Nagel, Wood-Mizer Africa

When the alignment is set correctly the sawmill will cut like intended. 
The wrong alignment will slow the mill down while cutting causing it to feel like the mill doesn’t have power even with a sharp blade. 

The cut will also end up being wavy.

Incorrect alignment can also cause the blade to break or snap; this happens when the blade rubs against the back collar of the roller.
The heat built-up heat will cause the blade to snap. 

How to set the alignment: 
1) Remove the blade guide rollers.
2) Tension the blade. 
3) Do the forward tracking first. Turn the wheel by hand anti-clockwise. 
4) Adjust the horizontal alignment bolts to move the left and right sides of the blade wheel in or out.
5) Do the reverse tracking by spinning the wheel by hand clockwise. 
6) Adjust the vertical alignment bolts to move the top and bottom sides of the blade wheel in or out. 
7) When blade runs evenly on the blade wheel, lock the bolts in place. 
8) Check that the head is level by measuring the distance from the bed to the blade. The space on the drive and idle side must be 250 mm.
9) Set the deflection. It should be 6 mm on both sides, bringing the total to 244 mm on the drive and idle sides. 
10)Once that is correct, lock the nuts in place. 
11) Fit the blade alignment tool to check that the blade runs level left and right. 
12) If the measurement is out, set the angle of the blade guide shaft to straighten the blade out. 
13) Proceed to set the scale. Do this by lowering the head to the lowest position. 
14) The distance should be 25 mm from the bed to the teeth facing downwards.
15) Set the ruler to 25 mm. 
16) The alignment process is now complete. 

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